November 5, 2006


I started this blog a year ago and have not had the courage to post. This has not been for lack of interesting stories or material. Not a day goes by without something happening that would discourage any entrepreneur anywhere in the world.

Somehow I feel guilty about posting anything negative about Africa. If I post the truth, undoubtedly it will contribute to Africa's negative image. I have always been involved in promoting a new image for Africa. Is my relunctance to say anything negative about having to admit that I was wrong or is it really about not wanting to add to Africa's woes?

Is keeping my country anonymous really fair to those countries in Africa who are making real efforts to turn things around? So many questions.

I justify my action in saying that the truth should always prevail. And after all, as much as I might criticize the environment I am in, I am there, doing it, day after day. I have not given up. So my message is one of frustration, but also one of hope.

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