November 6, 2006

Transparency Corruption Report - Improvement for Africa

Transparency has just released its 2006 corruption index. Based on the report, the bottom 20 are not all African countries. In fact, only two African countries make up the worse five and we make up less than half of the worse 20.

It may not seem like much but this is a significant improvement over previous years where the bottom 20 were almost all African.

I guess I should be happy but somehow I am not. Our politicians will brandish the reports to show how they are making progress and we will fill up the bottom 20 next year. And I cannot imagine how things are getting better given that I can't see how things can get any worse. I am confronted with corruption daily. There are few situations where corruption IS NOT an issue. How does it possibly get worse than this? I am almost afraid to find out.

Well congrats to the few African countries that made it to the top 50 like Mauritius and Botswana. Other countries should take note that these two show up in the top economic success stories in Africa too.

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  1. Corruption in Africa Is cultural thing not just about leadership. Check out this article! its not spam!


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