December 29, 2006

Optimistic about 2007

I wonder if it's an entrepreneur's disease to always believe things will be better tomorrow than they are today. Every year I am convinced that the following year will be the best and this time is no different. I am really looking forward to 2007, and not just because 2006 was so difficult.

I don't think business will get any easier but I do believe that it will be easier to deal with. I am more mature; I better understand the environment and know better how to protect myself. I have also learned not to stress myself out as much.

In January 2004 I came to this country to handle an issue I thought would take two weeks and I am still here almost three years later. Now I understand that certain issues, no matter how simple they may seem, cannot be resolved in two weeks, or two years, or at all. I have learned to choose my battles and have not just accepted the daily struggles but have embraced them.

From a non philosophical sense too, I am more confident about 2007. The last couple of weeks I have actually spent most of my time on our core business. Working on proposals, meeting with clients... This is quite different from the rest of the year where 90% of my time was dealing with problems that had absolutely nothing to do with our core business which is technology.

So from now until Tuesday, I will set aside reality and dream about how fantastic 2007 will be...

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  1. This is an old post, but your being confident is a very good thing. That's how one should run a business. If you combine that confidence with great plans, you can definitely go a long way.


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